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Grating Steel Plate

Grating Steel Plate

Grating Steel Plate

Plain steel grating can be made of carbon steel bar, aluminum steel bars and stainless steel bars. Cross bars of plain steel grating can be crimped bars, which are known as riveted steel gratings, flat square bars which are the press-locked gratings. The round bars is welded to the bearing bar is welded steel grating and the bars are placed into the pre-holes on the bearing bars to form the swage-locked grating.

Features of plain steel grating

Plain and uniform surface. It can supply the beauty to the grating, which is used in the parks, gardens and commercial buildings.
Wide range of application. The plain steel grating is the most widely used grating type, which can be used in almost all applications.
Lightweight and economical. The aluminum plain steel grating is lightweight and cost less than other material gratings.
Low maintenance cost. It needs less maintenance and save cost of maintenance.

Application of plain steel grating

Plain steel grating has a wide range of applications, which is available for almost all of the common applications.
It can be used as stair tread grating in commercial and industrial applications.
Plain steel grating can be used in the municipal engineering as drainage trench covers to drain water and keep ground dry.
Plain steel grating can be used in the port, parking lot, farmland and other places as platform walkway grating for pedestrian and vehicles access and passing.

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